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White Mouse Cocktail For War Hero Nancy Wake

White Mouse Cocktail For War Hero Nancy Wake

A London hotel linked to the world of spies and SOE agents during World War II has a unique connection to someone whom the Gestapo once affixed the code name ‘The White Mouse.’

Located in the heart of Mayfair,  it was a meeting place for servicemen and women from the USA, Canada, UK and allied nations during the war.

The Stafford The American Bar Cocktail Bar.

Nancy Wake White Mouse cocktail. The Stafford London.

The Stafford London, a five star property, under most circumstances would not want to be associated with a furry white rodent circulating around the rooms, restaurant and bar.

However, this was not a long-tailed marauding murine.  This was as  one author Russell Braddon wrote of her, ‘The Story of a Very Brave Woman.’

Nancy Wake ‘White Mouse’ with Author Russell Braddon

The hotel that she visited during the war, and where she would reside for two years from 2001/03, welcomed this white mouse, with open arms!

Nancy Has White Mouse Cocktail Dedicated To Her

George Medal winner Nancy Wake received this and many other medals for her courageous exploits in the French Resistance’s fight against the Nazis. She helped countless downed allied pilots escape,  organised some 7,000 fighters and even had to kill with her bare hands at one time.

The hotel is also proud to have a bronze statue of  Nancy in the bar.

Nancy Wake bronze at The Stafford London.

Given the code name  the ‘White Mouse’ by the Nazis.  Nancy managed to keep one step ahead of her would-be captors. Even though there was a massive reward of 5 Million Francs being offered for her capture.

Creator of  White Mouse cocktail, Benoit Provost at The Stafford London.

During the latter part of her life, Nancy resided at The Stafford London, where she would enjoy a daily gin and tonic (or two!) in The American Bar. Subsequently, returning to the place where she was first introduced to a ‘bloody good drink’ by the then General Manager Louis Burdet.  He too had also worked for the Resistance in Marseilles.

Nancy Wake who inspired the White Mouse cocktail.

More recently she was usually found in the hotel’s famous American Bar.  Sipping her first drink of the day on a special bar stool built for her by the hotel.

Nancy celebrated her ninetieth birthday at the hotel, and in 2003. The hotel owners absorbed most of the costs of her stay at The Stafford London.

It was around that time that she chose to move to the Royal Star and Garter Home. This was for Disabled Ex-Service Men and Women, in Richmond, London.

 Cocktail Uses Saffron Gin

However, today one of the most popular drinks on the cocktail menu is dedicated to her memory: ‘The White Mouse.’

Nancy Wake White Mouse cocktail. The Stafford London.

It was created by Benoit Provost,  made with Saffron Gin, shaken with lemon juice, honey and Champagne and garnished with star anise.

He wanted to commemorate her legacy and the many happy years she spent at the hotel and in The American Bar!

Benoit met Nancy on countless occasions and tells numerous stories about her time at the hotel, which he delights in sharing.


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  1. TY so much for sharing those informations about this marvelous woman, Nancy Wake.
    Many people here in France know her and respect her for her courage and for all she did for the free world.
    I will surely have a “white mouse cocktail” in this beautiful bar and salute the statue of our hero!
    Rest in peace Nancy the great!
    Guillaume Gleize
    City of Tours – France

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