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The best B&B in the world is to be found in the Devon seaside town of Torquay on England’s South coast.

Julian and Andy Banner-Price

Owners of the establishment picked up the award from Tripadvisor after and unknown to them, their guests had voted and ranked their place so highly that it topped the world listing in that class.

The town of Torquay had been made famous or rather infamous by the TV comedy show Fawlty Towers about a badly run hotel in the town.

However, Julian and Andy Banner-Price who own the 25 Boutique have changed that reputation now, for sure.

Although they do not have sea views and they are located on a main road they make up for it with a modern interior and each room being decorated in a totally different style. Their six rooms in a former Edwardian villa make up the property.

Best B and B

One of six rooms at  The 25 Boutique at Torquay, Devon UK.

Also going down the high tech route with voice and computer controlled facilities in the rooms.

Best B and B

Coffee and  tea making in the rooms at The 25 Boutique at Torquay, Devon UK.

Attention to detail is what they feel helped to get such high ratings from their guests and noting guest requests and likes so when and if they repeat stay they can cater individually for them a service that they take a huge pride in.

Best B&B in world

Voted the best B&B in world and you can see why. The 25 Boutique at Torquay, Devon UK.

Guests have mentioned and praised them for being perfect hosts as well as providing first class stays in their unique and spacious rooms. Premium features like powerful showers, Nespresso coffee makers, iPads, fluffy bathrobes & free movies on demand come as standard. Plus little touches like homemade cookies or cakes that appear in the rooms kindly made by Andy.

Best B&B in world

Treats at The 25 Boutique at Torquay, Devon UK.

This adult only B&B provides an excellent second B too. Hearty locally sourced English style cooked breakfasts and of course plenty of healthy choices for those that prefer that way to start the day.

Best B&B in world

Best B&B in world has to have a special breakfast of course!

Off road parking and no shortage of places in the rooms to charge computers and phones a basic requirement these days.

Best B&B in world

The team work of Julian and Andy Banner-Price at their B&B in Torquay, Devon UK.


Speaking after the award they said; “We personally put in the effort to see that every single guest has great experience with us and we add lots of touches like home made baking in the rooms. Its the small details that make the difference. When we have repeat guests we try to note their preferences for maybe sugar or the types of pillows they like.”

Best B&B in world

One of six rooms that make up the best B&B in the world The 25 Boutique at Torquay, Devon UK.

Currently rooms are around £179 per night.

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