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Award winning blogger and travel writer/photographer, I have travelled the world in one way or another for 30 years. I am a member of the British Guild of Travel Writers for over 10 years. In the ever-changing world of publishing and online media it now requires that I have media skills across all areas. That now also includes video production. My travel images appear in magazines, newspapers and publications all over the world I am now blogging on all aspects of travel.

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    Simon Gunson

    May I politely express that the Comair Chief pilot either 1) grow some balls or 2) gets some flying experience at Wellington New Zealand where this is an everyday experience?

    I have brought my plane to land at Wellington with 45kt crosswinds gusting to 55kt with windshear and even though it makes ones pulse race is is doable and safe. I suggest he wears some disposable nappies and puts in some practice at Wellington NZWN


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